DOQ Priorat covers a region of little less than 20,000 hectares in the interior of Tarragona province. Of those, only 16,000 hectares are dedicated to the vine growing because the orography in this land is abrupt, full of cliffs and ravines.

Even though the land is not easy to work, its grapes have traditionally produced full-bodied wines. This is partly owed to the dry climate of the inland Mediterranean regions, and partly to the omnipresent licorella soil (slate soil). Both aspects provide the wines of Priorat with its unique characteristics.

Since the “Estatuto del Vino” (rule wine) of 1932 the D.O.Q. is recognised as a wine region to be protected. However, it was not until 1954, at the end of the Spanish Civil War, that the D.O. Priorat was officially approved. In 1999 the Regulatory Council of this D.O. moved to Torroja in order to keep the administrative works closer. Finally, in 2000, because of the great recognition and singularity of its wines, Priorat obtained the new Denomination of Origin Qualified.