Torroja is an old village of 165 inhabitants situated at the basin of river Siurana, at the heart of Priorat region.

Of wandering and narrow streets, its long history dates back to the Xth century. It owes its noun to a Muslim watch tower that at present is almost in ruins: the Torroja Tower. The first written documents of the village with its present noun, though, are 750 years old, when the village belonged to the municipality of Scaladei.

The economy has historically been based on farming, and the elders still remember the two-day cart trip that the people from northern regions had to cover in order to purchase their local wine.

At present, apart from the vine growing business, tourism is gaining prominence. Visitors can not only enjoy the majestic historical and geological region of Priorat, but also the wonderful spots where nature seems to have found itself, to remain.