The Berta Franquet is a singular wine. It reminds us of the classic Priorat wines, full bodied and with a silken texture typical of warm and rough soils. Intensely coloured deep plum red, it has got a complex and potent aroma, and it is clear and bright too. Light violet shades on the rim, and high glyceric content drops which allow them to slide very slowly.

Newly open, the Berta Franquet might seem aggressive. Intense leather and animal reduction notes, characteristic of a good extraction and of the late ripening of the grapes. As the wine breathes, more spicy notes appear such as peppers, chocolate and liquorice, which come from the grape varieties and the soil. Light cocoa and coffee aromas from the toasted flavours of the barriques. It is a wine that needs a long breathing or an energetic decanting, accompained by big glasses to aid the breathing.

On the palate, good and intense attack with warm sentations, light spices and bitter chocolate. Light hints of blackberries, surprisingly long, with a final strawberry sweet tinge that calls for a new sip. The tannins are well integrated although they not stand out, and leave the mouth with clear liquorice tinges. With quite a high alcohol content, one doesn’s notice the alcohol at any moment, as its integration within the wine has been perfect. Moreover, it brings the wine the necessary body and power to make this wine a “true" Priorat and a testimony of the land where it comes from.

It is a very intense wine and it demands long breathing before tasting. If you do so, you’ll meet in the mouth the sensations that come from a special piece of land, cultivated with the need and will to express what is a Priorat wine from the hand of a producer who lives and feels for his land.

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